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Social and emotional learning techniques. Brain Science. Positive behaviour support.

Nick is  the director of 'Young Minds Matter '. He is a qualified Primary school teacher and a  successful capacity behaviour practitioner and a global (SEL) social and emotional facilitator.

He graduated from the University of Technology in Sydney in 1997 with a Bachelor of Education. Nick was a classroom teacher in Sydney for a few years and later relocated to London, United Kingdom. Nick lived there for eighteen years and  taught in a variety of schools and teaching roles.

He has also  been a learning difficulties specialist teacher to children who are challenged with a intellectual, or a physical disability and being a specialist in positive behaviour.

Nick has also has a lot of experience with children and young adults who display high functioning Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, learning and behaviour conditions, ADD and ADHD.

During his career in London, he was also contracted by the NHS (National health service) governing body to help individual clients displaying the above conditions. 

The NHS is similar to NDIS in Australia.

During his career in London, he has globally facilitated and trained teachers ,principals, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers and support managers in a social and emotional program called mindup.org. It is a SEL (social and emotional learning) program that encompasses brain science, positive psychology and behaviour management. 

He is now living back on the Northern beaches, in Sydney and loving it. Nick now continues to facilitate (one to one) individual and small group sessions for primary aged children and young adults (aged 6 - 15) and working with both private and NDIS clients.

Please refer to Nick's ' Scientific theory' for details of his pedagogy and the service that he and his team specialise in and provide. 

Director - 

Nick Morton

Bachelor of Education.

Global MindUP facilitator and practitioner.


"Nick facilitated the first Mindup.org SEL  (social and emotional learning)  pilot program of 'The Hawn Foundation', at our school, Nightingale in Hackney, London, U.K. 

As a principal, Nick passionately took the role on all facets of training the teachers and implementing the program  (Kindergarten - Year 6) to our whole school and teaching staff. 

As it became so popular, our school became a beacon school for all London schools and other schools around the U.K and parts of Europe, to come and watch Nick teach the program with his students. 

Due to his passion, he was offered a position to continue to train the program with 'The Hawn Foundation'. 

Wow! I’m so proud that he has succeeded in training to thousands of schools, health and psychological services around the world"

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

            Catrina Tilbury. Principal.

            Nightingale Primary school, Hackney, London,U.K.

" Nick was extremely professional, patient and compassionate towards to our 7 year old daughter, 

Daisy who has autism and displays challenging behaviour. He was able to use innovative and creative activities to help her which gave clear set boundaries. This has helped our daughter and us as a family. If you want a professional, kind hearted, and fun practitioner, I would recommend Nick!". 

Barbara., Sydney, Australia.

" Nick has helped our 8 year old son Mark, who has ADD (Attention deficit disorder). Mark was given the skills to help him to "calm down' and self regulate his emotions. This has really helped his concentration skills during classes at school which has also helped him to also reduce his anxiety and anger issues." 

Julia, New York City. U.SA

"Nick was able to help our 10 year old son Patrick who has challenging behaviour issues. Patrick has learnt about his personal boundaries and has helped to make new friends. Nick was honest, practical and compassionate to help Patrick in both his school and home life." 

Andrew, London, United Kingdom.